Why Telehealth?

Stay safe, Stay home! Telehealth allows increased safety for you and the community during these unprecedented times. We have found this method of intervention to be very effective. It also allows us to offer improved convenience and access to patients. We are able to treat patients throughout the state of Oregon. Because you can attend these sessions from any location, it allows increased flexibility for your busy schedule.

How Does Telehealth Work?

Our telehealth services are delivered online through a HIPPA compliant video platform which offers live video interaction between the therapist and the patient. You will need a computer with video and audio capabilities or you can use a smart phone.  There have been technical issues identified with the use of ipads and they are not recommended for this purpose. The therapist will send you a secure link via email and you will click on the link to install the software and begin your session.

See the video report by Newport News-Times here.