Our Physical Therapists regularly attend continuing education courses and are committed to lifelong learning to be able to provide the most current and effective methods of treatment.

We will perform a comprehensive, individualized evaluation and develop a personalized plan of care based on your pain and limitations.

We are committed to providing individualized care that champions our clients in their process toward greater independence and quality of life. Our approach to rehabilitation is to treat the person as a whole, with compassion, respect and with the ethics and expertise we would seek for ourselves and our families.

Physical Therapist owned and operated since 1995

Welcome to Central Coast Physical Therapy

Conditions We Treat

• Motor Vehicle Accidents
• Neck and Back Pain
• Work-Related Injuries
• Hip Injuries
• Knee Injuries
• Tendonitis
• Sprains/Strains
• Joint Replacements
• Fractures
• Rotator Cuff Injuries

• Sports Injuries
• Achilles strains
• Hamstring Strains
• Hip Labral Tears/Repairs
• Meniscal Tears
• ACL Injuries
• IT Band Syndrome
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Shoulder Impingement
• Surgical Rehabilitation

Physical therapy can provide the following benefits:

• Control and Eliminate Pain Without Medication
• Improve Mobility
• Improve Strength and Endurance
• Improve Balance
• Avoid Surgery
• Return to Work and Recreational Activities
• Establish Healthy Lifestyle Habits
• Prevention of Recurrence of Chronic Problems
• Improve Quality of Life

Central Coast Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help you return to the activities you love!

• Walking
• Gardening
• Soccer
• Weight Training

• Biking
• Skiing
• Travel

• Running
• Golf
• Tennis

• CrossFit
• Hiking
• Surfing